Reflection and Revision

Reflection and Revision signify a critical awareness of and intention behind the choices that a student makes when composing a text.

Refection and revision are critical components of the writing classroom and process, as they require students to be fully deliberate and aware of the choices they have made on the writing “journey”. They reflect first on the rhetorical context of their writing and then ask: Is this language/form/structure appropriate for my audience? My purpose? Is this the most effective way I could communicate my ideas? It is through this process of reflection and revision that students root their learning and develop confidence in their own writing choices.

This unit culminates in a creative-critical assignment that builds on the work of your classroom. You might choose a reflective/revision paper assignment as the fourth unit; you may also choose an alternative unit based on your own particular expertise as a teacher and your students’ interest. The last unit, for example, might be a study of a particular genre or a site of public writing (such as film reviews, a blog, Facebook, etc.). Some teachers require a “portfolio’ that collects all the student’s major assignments from the semester as well as a revision and/or reflective essay. For more ideas, check out the Reflection and Revision Lessons, Prompts, and Handouts.