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Where do I even start?

Writing can be daunting and the Writing Center is here to help. Can’t figure out how to make an appointment? Not sure if you’ve got MLA formatting right? Check out the frequently asked questions and other resources below.

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Tutoring Questions:

How do I make an appointment?

Stop by the Writing Center (801 Gruening) to sign up or call us:  (907) 474-5314.

How do I prepare for my tutoring appointment?

See our “Tutorials” page for more on how to prepare and what to expect from a tutoring session.

What happens in a writing tutorial?

See our “Tutorials” page for more on how to prepare and what to expect from a tutoring session.

Do I need to have a complete draft of my writing to get help at the Writing Center?

No, you do not need to have a full draft. If all you have is an assignment and some ideas and you’re having trouble getting started, that can be a great time to come to the Writing Center. We work with all sorts of writing at all stages of the writing process – not just revision of complete drafts. Click here for more on how to prepare for a tutorial.

I have writing assignments for my geology, chemistry, and engineering classes. Does the Writing Center have anyone who can help me with those?

Yes. We work with writing across academic disciplines, as well as non-academic writing. All of our tutors are able to help with any of the writing that you’d like to bring in.

How many times/how often can I use the Writing Center?

There’s no limit to how many tutorials you can have over the course of the year or even for a single piece of writing. Come as often as is helpful to you.

Can I have a longer session?

We try to limit tutoring sessions to 30 minutes, as we are often busy and need to move on to other tutoring appointments. If you and your tutor are short on time, you can sign up for another appointment later in the day or at a later date to finish working on your piece of writing.

What do I do if I need my thesis/dissertation edited?

We are happy to help with theses and dissertations, but because they are longer pieces of writing, we ask that you call ahead and schedule a series of appointments to work through the writing in small chunks. If what you’re looking for is a copy editor, graduate students in the English Department are sometimes available to work as freelance (paid) editors. If you’re interested in something like this, send us an email. If you’d like to make a series of appointments to work with a Writing Center tutor, call or come by.

What if I can’t make it into the Writing Center for an appointment? Do you do distance tutorials?

Yes, we do offer distance tutorials by phone.  See below for how to access this resource.

What’s a “phone tutorial” and how does it work?

We provide a telephone tutoring service for those not able to come to our campus location (including CRCD students, students enrolled in courses through E-Learning and Distance Education, and those in the Fairbanks-North Star Borough with life demands preventing easy campus access). These tutorials provide the same service as our in-person tutorials, with the same tutors and same dedication to helping writers.

If you would like to schedule a telephone session, please call the Writing Center (907/474-5314) for an appointment and then e-mail ( your paper to us the day of your appointment—by 5:00 pm for an evening session and 12:00 pm for a Sunday afternoon session. We will call you at the set time and collaborate with you on your writing needs.

We offer telephone tutorials on Monday through Thursday evenings (7:15, 8:15, 9:15) and Sunday afternoon (1:15, 2:15, 3:15, 4:15, 5:15).

Writing Center Resources Questions:

What are your hours?

Our hours are listed here.

What services do you offer?

For students and community members, we offer writing tutorials, access to a computer lab and printing, as well as study spaces. Are you a teacher looking for help? Check our Resources for Teachers.

Do I need an appointment to use the computers?

No, you do not. The computer lab and study spaces are open and free to use during the hours that we are open.

Can I print my writing with your computers? How much does it cost to print?

Yes, you can print. We don’t charge for printing at the Writing Center, but we do cap the number of pages you are allowed to print at 25/day.

Does the Writing Center have computer options for students with physical disabilities?

Yes, we have a computer and desk that accommodate students with physical disabilities. Ask a tutor for help finding this work station.

Does the Writing Center have color printing? A scanner? A fax?

We have both a scanner and color printer available for use. Ask a tutor for help locating these work stations. We do not have a fax. Sorry!

Does the Writing Center have PCs? Macs? Both?

Our computer lab has 23 PCs and one Mac. Visitors to the Writing Center are welcome to use any of these, though they are available on a first-come, first-serve basis.

Community Questions:

I’m not a student at UAF. Can I still use the Writing Center?

Yes. The Writing Center is open to students AND community members in Fairbanks and across the state. Come on in and use the computers, study, or sign up for a tutoring appointment. Can’t come in for a tutorial? We offer phone tutorials for writers who live outside of Fairbanks.

Are there any other writing centers in Fairbanks?

Yes, the CTC campus also has a writing center that is open to UAF students and community members. For more information and their hours, check here.

Writing Help:

Are these citations right? How do I format my paper for MLA? APA?

Citations can be challenging, as there are specific rules and they sometimes change. A great place to get the most current rules online is at the Purdue Owl.
» MLA formatting and citation guidelines
» APA  formatting and citation guidelines
»  Chicago  Style formatting and citation guidelines
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