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The tutors at the UAF Writing Center are available to help  students and community members  at any stage of the writing process. We work with everything from English papers to resumes to science articles to poetry and everything in between.  

IMG_3055Micah Allen  has a BA in Theater from Wesleyan University and is currently pursuing an MFA in Fiction.  Before coming to Alaska, he lived in Boston and New York City. Over the years he’s  written dozens of resumes and cover letters, so he’s got pointers aplenty for anybody wading into that particular swamp. Fiction’s a particular interest of  his, but he’s  happy to take a look at anything else you’re working on.

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Kerstin Aloia has a BA in English. She is currently pursuing her MA in English.  Since English is her second language (she is  from Mannheim, Germany), she knows what it’s like for ESL learners to juggle with grammar, vocabulary and content when writing papers or working on any other kind of document. She’ll  be happy to help anybody who is in the same boat – and anybody else as well! Kerstin tutors from 7:00-10:00pm on Thursday and 4:00-6:00pm on Sunday.

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Jaclyn Bergamino has a  BA in Literature, Comparative Religion, and Gender Studies.  She is currently pursuing an MFA in Writing at UAF. Jaclyn has been teaching English and writing for the past ten years and has also taught  science and art. She has edited everything from science theses to novels, plays, and memoirs and is currently the managing editor of Permafrost Magazine. Because she has worked with students learning English all over the world, she has a strong background  in working with non-native English speakers.

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Regan Campbell  is currently pursuing an MFA in Fiction.  Good writing is something people want to read. Readers don’t want to read something a writer doesn’t want to write. This isn’t always as obvious as it should be. As a creative writing major with omnivorous interests, Regan should have been a paleontologist or rally driver in Brazil. He is comfortable working with technical, scientific, persuasive, and creative work.

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Heather Ezell studied English Literature and Creative Writing. Heather is pursuing an MFA in Fiction, as well as the World Record for her avocado consumption. She hails from Southern California, but won’t tell you this without vocalizing her clingy ties to Colorado. She believes there should be five minutes of dancing for every hour, misses giant trees, and needs to do some serious Alaska roaming. Heather adores writing that incorporates absurd opinions and buckets of personal context, but she’s delighted to help with anything on or en route to the page.

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Kori Hensell studied English and Anthropology. She is currently pursuing an MFA in Poetry. Kori is  from Alabama and this is her first experience with  snow. She came to UAF to write poems, but also to wean herself from “inside” activities (video games, television, more television) and to become a bit more adventurous. She’s  really nervous about the cold weather because she considers herself a totally weeny, so she’s hoping to become less of a wimp while she’s in Alaska.



August Johnson   is currently pursuing an MFA in Poetry. He grew up all over the Pacific Northwest and recently moved to Fairbanks from Portland, OR. He received his BA in English Literature from Central Washington University, where he worked on the university’s literary journal. He specializes in creative writing, but he enjoys working with students on any project they bring into the Writing Center. You can find him at the writing center on Wednesdays from 10:00-12:00 and Thursdays from 7:00-10:00pm.  



Maeve Kirk has a  BA in English Publishing Arts from Lewis-Clark State College and is pursuing MFA in fiction and a MA in Literature at UAF. Maeve is  originally from Bonners Ferry, Idaho. She enjoys working with a wide variety of writing assignments, but most of her experience comes from working with literature based essays or creative writing projects. She also believes that commas are wonderful things.


Mericle_headshotMegan Mericle has a BA in English and a BS in Pyschology. She is currently pursuing an MFA in Nonfiction and an MA in Literature. She recently moved to Fairbanks from North Carolina. Megan loves talking one-on-one about writing and searching for focus and depth in academic work. As a nonfiction writer, she believes that all writing can be creative by enhancing the writer’s voice and unique perspective.  She has  experience as a poetry editor/reader and she is versed in MLA and APA formatting. Megan has  experience with research papers in the sciences as well as writing in the humanities.

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Craig Sanders has a BFA in Creative Writing and a BA in Political Science from Penn State Erie, the Behrend College.  He is pursuing an MFA in Fiction at UAF.




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Whittier Strong  has a BA in Creative Writing from Metropolitan State University with a minor in Studio Arts.  He is pursuing an MFA in Writing.  Before coming to Fairbanks, he was a writing tutor in St. Paul, MN. Most of the students he worked with there were business, nursing, and science majors. He has also assisted job-seekers in résumé development. A love of composition, a lifelong interest in linguistics, and a passion for teaching drive his work. He especially enjoys helping those for whom English is a second (third, etc.) language, and assisting graduate students with theses and dissertations. Whittier seeks to boost confidence and provide tools so students can work more independently. You can find Whittier at the writing center on Sundays from 1:00-4:00pm and Tuesdays from 7:00-9:00pm.



Chelsey Zibell is pursuing an MA in Literature at UAF.





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