Lesson/Handout: Information Literacy Scavenger Hunt



This lesson/handout is designed to help students begin to navigate the UAF library’s sources for research. The library has a great tutorial online and in this lesson, students use that tutorial to actually begin their own research.

  1. Go to the Library Information Literacy Tutorial.
  2. Watch the videos and take the self-check tests.
  3. Go to the Searching Google Scholar Guide and the Searching JSTOR Guide.
  4. Use the information in the videos to find and create the following:

Keywords that you can use to search for your topic:

Boolean operators that will help you with your search:

One resource from the library catalog that you can use:

One resource from a periodical that you can use:
The most reliable web resource you can find that is relevant to your topic. Use the CRAAP Worksheet to give it a score:

One resource found on Google Scholar:

One resource found on JSTOR:

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