Lesson: Audiences and Rhetorical Situations



Learning to recognize, consider, and research Different Rhetorical Situations and Audiences  Context activity: recognizing that a conversation is going on

For the first unit, we read six authors with varying stances on a particular theme. Students read a pair of authors for each class period, with opposing viewpoints on a particular issue within the theme.

I. During class discussion, we talk about the type of language each pair uses to talk about the same issue, and what common terms and concepts seem to be shared by all readings.

2. Then, we research those terms, using simple searches on Google and reading Wikipedia entries.

3. Next, we research the context of the discussion-the general issue as it stands, then each authors’ position and background to find bias, stance, intended audience, and evaluate credibility.

4. Lastly, we talk about how audience and context shape rhetorical situations, and how credibility can vary depending on the conversation, the speakers, possible agendas, and the issue.

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