Interview with Dana Greci, Developmental Education (Reading & Writing)

In this video interview, Dana Greci (Associate Professor, Developmental Education) talks with us about working in her courses to address the many challenges that students face when they enter college. From those who are returning to school after many years away to students who are moving to a city for the first time, our classrooms […]

Interview with Donald Crocker, Student Advising

Donald Crocker, alumnus of UAF and former lead academic adviser for the Academic Advising Center, talks about UAF’s undergraduate students – what they expect when they enter our classrooms, and what we should expect of them. How do advisers prepare students and set expectations for writing courses? What’s unique about our student population, and about […]

WriteAlaska Conversations

WriteAlaska Conversations hosts monthly posts from across the UAF community about writing and students and classrooms. Every month, we interview a different UAF community member about their perspective on writing at the university – in their classrooms, in their work places, and beyond. Our aim is to build community across departments and other sectors of […]