A tutoring session at the Writing Center means sitting down with one of our tutors and collaborating to make sure that your writing best communicates what you have to say. ¬†Our tutors – English Department teaching assistants and a few outstanding undergraduates – can assist in any phase of the writing process, including the following: […]

[playbuzz-item url=”//www.playbuzz.com/writealaska10/teaching-resrouce-extravaganza”]         The University Writing Program at the University of Alaska Fairbanks promotes creative and critical thinking in service of student success in their future written coursework. We contribute to students building a foundation for lifelong learning and civic engagement. Our student-centered classrooms use rhetorically-based inquiry in order to foster critical […]

Writing in Place

“Place-based” pedagogy attempts to engage the world around us and our students with our classrooms. A place-based pedagogy means bringing current events into your classroom (what’s the relationship between time and “place”?) or taking a class field-trip to the transfer site. It means engaging Alaska as place or assigning a prompt that encourages students to […]

Teaching Forum

Please remember to keep in mind what this forum is for… Discussing ideas about lesson plans, class room activities, writing prompts, and other aspects of composition education. Asking questions related to composition theories and practices. Linking to material that you have found that you would like to incorporate or have incorporated in your class but […]


Synthesis involves combining elements to create a new concept, theory, or idea. Synthesis is about judgment: appraising which path to take and then committing to the choice. Synthesis is the creation of composition, as it forces students to see how seemingly unrelated concepts can be complement or antagonize one another. This unit requires students to […]


In the classroom, observation transcribes to students’ abilities to use description and summary effectively in their writing. Observation in writing is about options. The concept of observational writing is to show students how to examine their intellectual choices, as it encourages students to consider all of the decisions they can take in an essay. Observation […]