211 Sample Syllabus: Digital Literature


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Contributed by Kendell Newman Sadiik, 2015


This is  my class website for my 211: Digital Literature and Storytelling. It was a really successful course and I think others should teach it! I also kept a running list of resources for teachers, which you can find here: https://diglit.community.uaf.edu/teaching-resources/

I used this website as well as Drive for the course. Drive was mostly for group work and also for grading (I had a shared doc of grades with each student).

I and the students spent a lot of time on this website, but it made sense because the course was on digital lit. We probably worked with the site in class once every couple of weeks, and they did most of their assignments as blog posts.
We collaboratively created and designed online workspace for students and the class as a whole to experiment with some of the tools and ideas we were studying in the course.

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